5 Inspiring Businesswomen in Malaysia - International Women's Day #BeYou

In Southeast Asia, it is commonly acknowledged that women face gender stereotypes and societal expectations dictate the way women live that indirectly limit their life’s decisions.
This expectation which is heavily influenced by social norms and obligations makes it seem unrealistic for a lot of people to genuinely pursue a career path that doesn’t fit this social norm.

So this Women’s day, Fave is on the move to inspire women to break free of limitations and encourage women to share their stories through the #Beyou movement.

This effort is set to inspire other women to break free of societal limitations. It focuses on how every woman is as an individual: what are their likes and dislikes, what are their strengths and weaknesses, ultimately, what is your goal and what do they want to achieve in life.

As we embark on this journey, we interviewed a couple of women superheroes that inspired us with their stories of chasing dreams and passions

Jarren Wong (Founder of 3 Bulbs Clothing)


A Malaysian-based women’s clothing line dedicated to creating a colourful wardrobe that delivers the message ‘Simplicity is beautiful’.

When asked why she chose this path, this young entrepreneur answered that

“After my internship, I knew immediately that I don’t belong there and I want to pursue my own business”.

She was determined that the corporate world was not for her and decided to chase her passion for fashion right after finishing her studies in Business Management.

She started off as a clothing reseller in a bazaar day and night from July 2016. 8 months later, she decided to start her own clothing brand. It started from a pop-up store and then to a retail store. Now, 3BULBS has expanded to 3 retail outlets in well-known malls.

With the goal to pursue her dream and do better, she went on to pursue a Master’s Degree in Fashion & Brand Management while still managing 3 Bulbs.